First Nation Telecom

Introduction to First Nation Telecom

First Nation Telecom is a registered CLEC servicing the state of Wisconsin. Through our unique sovereign status we are able to offer your business a turn-key carrier grade solution to decrease inter-country tariff rates while increasing your class of service.

International Global Hubbing Benefits:

  • Global Reach - Immediate access to competitively priced termination
  • Dedicated On-Site Transcoding Switching Hardware Available
  • Least Cost Multi-Carrier Routing
  • Originating CID Pass-Through
  • Roaming SIP Client Termination
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Carrier Grade Advantage

First Nation Telecom's competitive advantage lies within their U.S. FCC regulatory status as a registered telecom CLEC combined with switching facilities that are entirely sovereign based. Each call switched on the FNT network bypasses international bi-lateral tarrifs and is directly deposited into the US PSTN and treated as a domestic US termination.

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